Building Refurbishment

Complete internal and external refurbishment of your buildings

  • Sometimes moving your premises is just not an option, or is too expensive or impractical. Refurbishing your building and bringing it up 2013 standards may well be the answer. There are many buildings which are reaching the end of their ‘shelf life’ that can have a new lease of life breathed into them and through practical and cost effective refurbishment can be transformed inside-and-out into next generation commercial and industry trading premises.

  • Our experienced team can deliver complete internal and external refurbishment of your buildings. Our services include a full building survey (including asbestos report) and a full recommendation and improvement report which typically breaks-down of a variety of solutions and options for you to transform your premises.

  • Our experienced designers can suggest innovative and sustainable options for your refurbishment and can often take your own ideas to the next level.



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