Polyurea Coatings

Polyurea Coatings 2

Available in any colour & will not crack, chip or peel

Kynaston Contract Services Limited, KCS, have the latest high-tech equipment to carry out your coating requirements quickly and efficiently. Our coatings are applied using our state of the art mobile spray rigs.

Polyurea Roofing

Up to 30 year guarantee – Insulate and waterproof – Unrivalled system

Polytec coatings SPF-P roofing systems are a fully adhered monolithic roof covering designed to withstand anything the weather can throw at it. The SPF-P system has physical properties only available when applied using the latest spray equipment.

Our SPF-P roofing system includes 25 mm of Spray Polyurethane foam as standard. This fills any splits and voids in the existing substrate as well as giving a completely ‘new’ roof deck for the polyurea coating to be applied. (The Polyurethane foam thickness can be increased to achieve higher insulation values)

The SPF-P system is the only roofing system which not only seals your roof, but also offers some of the highest insulation values money can buy.

• SPF-P is self-flashing making the most detailed roof 100% seamless
• Fully adhered eliminating the risk of water tracking
• We offer 10, 15 and 30 year warranties
• Labour costs are greatly reduced saving both time and money
• Fast set, back to service system

Polyurea Protective Coatings

Polyurea CoatingsChemical resistant – Impact and abrasion areas – Cures in seconds

In today’s business world no one can afford a length shutdown period for conventional coatings to cure.

KCS offer a full preparation and coating service to all substrates that endure extreme environments. With cure times of less than 10 seconds and back to service within minutes, polyurea is setting new industry standards when shut down time really counts.

We offer many blends of fast set coatings each with their own unique properties. So whether it’s a hard coat to protect from extreme abrasion or high elongation ‘A’ shore hardness for absorbing impacts, we have a coating to suit.

Cured film thickness start at 0.5 mm with a recommended thickness of 0.5 mm – 2.5 mm. All offered either smooth or textured. For high slip risk areas we offer a textured finish with optional granules to minimise risk.

Some examples of uses include:

• Chutes and hoppers
• Protective vehicle linings
• Containers / skips
• Pipe liners
• Containment
• High impact areas
• High abrasion areas
• Chemical resistants
• Marine applications
• Storage areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need a floor coatings but cant afford to shut down while paint dries?
Our coatings cure within 20 seconds.

I need to match the colour to the existing?
We stock many standard colour and can also match to ANY colour.

You say your coatings are strong. But how strong?
Some of our coatings are used by the M.O.D to protect buildings from car bombs.

We currently use epoxy, how does your product compare?
Polyurea is many times stronger than epoxy and is resistant to cracking, flaking and peeling.

Do I get a guarantee?
Yes. Most applications will be guaranteed for their intended use.

Sounds good but is it expensive?
Due to the speed and efficiency the coatings can be applied the cost is very competitive.

For more information on Polyurea Coatings please visit Polytec Coatings website